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dnwcyrus's Journal

dnw miley at all
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let's go, gtfo
a place to post as you wish
Welcome to dnwcyrus. In this community you can talk freely about how you, hence the name, dnw Miley. Any type of post is accepted, so you're able to say whatever you want about the teen sensation whenever without any cares. But, please, only join if you're either at least eighteen years of age, or you're mature. We don't want little kids crying because they saw a picture of Miley's God awful teeth, now do we?
~ All posts must be made friends only.

~ Only one picture can be posted in an entry unless you have an lj cut.

~ No Miley fans in disguise. Just because you love Miley and want to spread the word that she's ~pure and ~truthful doesn't mean we want to hear it
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